Tuesday, January 02, 2007

tutorial notes 29/11/06

Wane Winner’s ‘Arthouse Cinema’
‘Drawing Now’ pub. Afterimage
‘The Stages of Drawing’

Starting point for option 2-300 words (outlining area of interest)

Visual Bibliography – outcomes – review selected sources-
written summary in response to sources – write about each image

Contextualise list
Lascaux cave painting (contextualise)
Movie editing contrasted with cave painitng

Fiona Banner
Graham Gussin

Cultural narratives
Islamic art – pictorial writing
Chinese/ Japanese pictograms
Scrolls – timebased nature, unrolling in linear fashion
Text : Language – relationship

Art transcends to another plane – music empathy –
tone poems – silent movie accompaniment

Mythologies – Roland Barthes – semiotics

Single picture narrative

How to Books – Instruction sheets

The Possibilities of textless narratives (as question)
Is there such thing as a textless narrative?

Drawing as imagining – does imagining take place before,
after or during the making of a drawing
{does narrative come out of the drawing process?}

200 words as proposition for this unit: What the word ‘narrative’
means within the context of the phrase ‘textless narrative’
what I mean by narrative in relation to drawing
differences between narrative in a
single picture and a sequence

Pliny’s shadow


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