Thursday, March 29, 2007

visual bibliography (first thoughts)

Lascaux, Room of Bulls 20,000 BC

Vase form Uruk, c.3500-3000BC. Alabaster, 36 ins high. Iraq Museum, Baghdad

Palette of Narmer, from Hierakonpolis, c.3200 BC, Slate 25ins Egyptian Museum Cairo

Detail of Harvester vase, from Ayia Triadha, c. 1500BC Steatite, about 5ins wide. Heraklleion Museum Crete

Assyrian army besieging a fortress. Alabaster relief from the Palace of King Asurnasirpal II. About 850 BC. London, British Museum

Lion released and killed, from Nineveh, c.650BC Limestone, about 27ins high, British Museum, London

Ulysses recognised by his old nurse. From a red figured vase, 5th century BC, Chiusi, Etruscan Museum

Greek sculptor’s workshop. Left: The bronze foundry with sketches on the wall. Right: Man at work on a headless statue, the head lying on the ground. From a Greek bowl. About 480 BC. Berlin, Staatliche Museen, Antikenmuseum


The lower part of Trajan’s Column, Rome. Dedicated AD 114.

A reception. Detail of a relief from the tomb of Wu-liang-tse in the province of Shantung (China) about AD 150

Gautama (Buddha) leaving his home. Relief found in Gandhara (northern India), about second century AD. Calcutta, Indian Museum

Duck Shooting and rice reaping, 2nd century AD. Rubbing of tomb tile, 16.5 ins high (from R.C Rudolph, Han Tomb Art of West China, 1951

Synagogue from Dura Europos, view of north-west corner, c.AD 250. National Museum, Damascus

Holy Women at the Tomb, c. AD 400 Ivory, 37x13.5cm. Castello Sforzesco, Milan

Priestess performing pagan rites, cAD 400. Ivory 29.5x12cm . V&A London.

Israelites threatening revolt and The stoning of Moses, AD 432-440. Mosaic in the nave of S Maria Maggiore, Rome

Floor painting from Qasr al- Hayr al Gharbi, Syria, c 730 fresco, National Museum, Damascus

Emperors hunting, late 8th or 9th century AD. SIlk compound twill. Staatliche Museen, Berlin

Scenes from the Life of St. Ambrose, c 850 AD . Silver partly gilt, whole panel 85x220cm. Sant’Ambrogio, Milan

Scene from the legend of the Buddha, Borobudur, early 9th century.

The Crucifixion and Resurrection of the Saints, c. 820-830. Ivory book-cover of the Pericopes of Henry 2, early 11th century AD, Bayerische Staatsbibliotehek

Relief from Angkor Wat, 12th century. 23 3/5 ins. Musee Guimet, Paris

Bonaventura Berlinghieri, St Francis, 1235. Panel, about 152x107. San Francesco, Pescia

Giotto, Feast at Cana, Raising of lazarus, Lamentation and Noli me tangere (details of fresco decoration) c.1304-13. Scrovegni Chapel, Padua

Page from the Codex Zouche-Nuttall, c.1350-1500. Bodycolour on prepared deerskin. British Museum, London

Lorenzo Ghiberti, Porta del Paradiso, 1424-52. bronze parcel -gilt, approx, 17ft high. Baptistery, Florence.

Donatello, Lamentation over the Dead Christ, 1460-66 width 140 cm. S Lorenzo, Florence

Veit Stoss: Altar of the Church of Our Lady, Cracow 1477-89

Durer: St Michael’s fight against the dragon. From the woodcut series illustrating the Revelation, published in 1498

Bosch : Paradise and Hell. Wings of a triptych. About 1510. Madrid, Prado

Michelangelo: A section of the celing of the Sistine Chapel, Vatican. Painted between 1508 and 1512

Gin Lane William Hogarth 1751

Katsushika Hokusai, page from Manga, volume 8, 1817. Woodcut, 22.8x14.6cm, British Museum, London.

Tlingit mask, mid-19th century. Carved and painted wood with shell, height 23.5cm. Musee de l’homme, Paris

Frost, A.B. "Gentleman tires of raking the garden, enlists
helper," Harper's Bazaar, October 1884

Marcel Duchamp, The bride stripped bare by her bachelors, even, 1915-23, oil and lead foil between glass 277.5x175.6cm Philadelphia Museum of Art

Frans Masereel (from the town) 1925

‘The Disasters of War, series, Goya Guernica 1937 Picasso

Vertigo by Lynd Ward 1937

Guy Bara: From’ Tom theTraveller’. 1957

George Hardie (1990?)

Jordan Crane. From ‘Keeping two, part one, 2002

James Jarvis. From World of Pain, 2000

Andrzej Klimowski. From The Depository: A Dream Book, 1994/2001

Jason. From Mjau Beibi (Meow baby), 2001

Ethan Persoff. From ‘A Dog and his Elephant’, 2003

Martin tom Dieck, La FM. part two 2003

David Shrigley. Untitled, from Leotard, 2003

Ethan Persoff.’Teddy’ 2004

Tom Gauld. Settle, 2004

Mr Clement. From ‘The Gorgeous Habour, 2004’


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